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gazers grazing
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JOEY: God, I just, I hate her! I hate her!!! With her, ‘Oh, I’m so talented.’ and ‘Oh, I’m so pretty,’ and ‘Ooh, I smell so good.’

CHANDLER: I think somebody has a crush on somebody.

JOEY: Hey, Chandler, can we please stay focused on my problem here?! Y’know?

CHANDLER: I’m talking about you. You big, big freak.

queen says no to pot smoking fbi members

Please get out of my Van Halen T-Shirt before you jinx the band and they break up!

- "The Wedding Singer"

In order to educate man to a new longing, everyday familiar objects must be shown to him with totally unexpected perspectives and in unexpected situations. New objects should be depicted from different sides in order to provide a complete impression of the object.

- Alexander Rodchenko