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Watching Nevermind the Buzzcocks reruns does not, apparently, make my homework complete itself. In a month I’ll have graduated, and I’ll pine for moments like these…hah

I got my first cellphone in 7th grade, ‘for emergencies’. It was a candybar style, with a changeable faceplate. Mine was purple and iridescent. I kept it at the bottom of my backpack. This was when ringtones were only .midis. I had the SpongeBob theme song. Sometimes it would turn on, I’d get a random call for someone who had my number before me. I’d hear the ringtone, thinking it was an ice cream truck, and therefore, run in circles excitedly. Life was chill 10 years ago. 

Everyone has seen recently uncovered parts of skin, no longer masked by low temperatures. On the streets, on blogs, and in their own mirrors. This comparison makes them self conscious. It must be Spring.

Both theme songs for The Mighty Boosh and Luxury Comedy have erie vibes which made me feel uncomfortable initially, but then I start liking them and find myself humming them. Same thing happens with darker, slower Iggy Pop songs.

I was maybe 9 when I went to the beach in lower Maine with my family. I watched a group of kids or teens dig a massive hole in the sand from our hotel balcony. Hours passed and I checked in here and there. It got bigger and bigger, deeper and deeper, until they could stand in it with a few inches above them before it broke level with the land. The tide started coming in, and they all hopped out safely. They watched it fill in and relevel. The next day, it was not there. There had been no other agenda other than to dig a hole and play in it. Perhaps an element of wonder or curiosity of how big it could get. No one had taken video or even a photo, and the data from that experience was only shared within their group to their friends and family. I wonder if they remember that day. Come to think of it, my experience of it is even more unique, due to the angle I viewed it at. Sometimes I miss the world pre-YouTube.

That moment when you’re trying to write an essay and you’ve managed to stay offline for ten seconds and all of a sudden any little thing like a weird chip in your nail becomes ten times more interesting than it usually is

Arghh, just thought of a rad quick craft idea, but I can’t act on it, because I’m doing actual awesome projects for class…boohoo art school is so hard. [insert snicker at regular majors here, for once]